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Matador Minute with Ashlee Nagamine
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Dec. 21, 2009

Q - The Matador women's golf team finished the fall with three straight tournament wins. What do attribute all the success to?

A - Everyone on the team successfully put up really good scores this season and contributed to the three wins. Also, I believe our team is so mentally tough, we don't let anything affect our game on the golf course. I'm glad all our hard work payed off during off season.

Q - Individually you won back-to-back tournaments at San Diego State and Cal Poly for your first tournament win since your freshman season. What did those mean to you?

A - It meant the world to win not one but two tournaments, that was crazy! The feeling of winning a tournament is indescribable and it made me feel good about all the hard work and practice that I put into my golf game during off season. It's been a long time coming, and I'm hoping there will be more in the future.

Q - You were named Big West Golfer of the Month for November. What do individual honors mean to a golfer?

A -First off, being named golfer of the month was just icing on the cake to an amazing season. Individual honors like golfer of the month recognizes a players accomplishments on the golf course. It's really a great feeling and truly exciting to gain attention for what I have done.

Q - With several newcomers joining the team this season, how is the team chemistry different from years past?

A - I became friends with a lot of my teammates in previous years, and when they graduated I thought it wouldn't be the same. We always got along so well on the road and always had a good time. Team chemistry got off to a rocky start in the beginning of this season, but I think that everyone is comfortable with each other now and we all get along well, and it shows on the golf course.



Q - As a junior with two seasons playing for Northridge, do you view yourself as a team leader?

A -As an upperclassman and a co-captain I would say that I do fulfill the role as a leader along with Maurissa Medina.

Q - You've played for coach Bonnie Murphy for two years, can you describe her coaching style?

A - She motivates players to their fullest potential. Also, Bonnie is a very encouraging coach. There have been so many times I've come off a bad hole and she always knows how to get my spirits back up and ready to make a comeback.

Q - Golf teams spend a lot of time on the road with two-day tournaments, can you give us any funny stories from a particular road trip?

A - Cal Poly was hosting a tournament during Halloween and we all dressed up in 80's workout gear. To everyone's surprise coach went all out and came fully dressed with a hideous 80's mullet wig she wore all night. I almost didn't recognize her and pretty much couldn't stop laughing. She looked ridiculous!

Q - What will the Matadors have to do to keep playing well in the spring and bring Northridge its first Big West Championship since 2004?

A - Our team is definitely going into the spring season with a lot of confidence and I think we have what it takes to go far. As long as we keep our head in the game, stay consistent and play like how we did this fall, we'll definitely turn some heads and suprise many.

Q - What are your plans for the Holiday season?

A - Going back home to Hawai'i. I'm so excited to see my family and friends, the people that mean the most to me. Going to fit some practicing into my break, but mostly I'll be at the beach!

Ashlee Nagamine

Ashlee Nagamine