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Cal State Northridge Athletics Directory

Cal State Northridge
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, Calif. 91330-8276
(818) 677-3208 - Athletics Department
(818) 677-4762 - Fax

*818 Area Code for all phone numbers listed below

**Please submit cover page with the intended recipient of the fax as the numbers listed serve various staff members.

Athletics Administration (818-677-4762 - Fax)

Rick Mazzuto, Director of Athletics 677-3208 Email
Dr. Tina Kiesler, Faculty Athletics Representative 677-4608 Email
Tom Ford, Associate Athletics Director/External Relations 677-4837 Email
Ashlie Kite, Associate Athletics Director/Internal Operations 677-4839 Email
Janet Pinneau, Associate Athletics Director/SWA 677-6432 Email
Lauree Floback, Executive Assistant to Director of Athletics 677-3008 Email
Karen Miriglia, Administrative Support Coordinator 677-2660 Email
Cynthia Morgan, Administrative Support Assistant 677-3208 Email
Angelique Odom, Administrative Support Assistant 677-7245 Email

Academic Support (818-677-6590 - Fax)

Mandie McConkey, Academic Advisement Coordinator 677-4781 Email
Lara Kehkedjian, Academic Advisor 677-4781 Email
Michelle Almazan, Academic Advisor 677-4781 Email
Brett Sanders, Academic Specialist 677-4781 Email
Larry O'Connor, Administrative Coordinator 677-4781 Email

Athletics Development (818-677-4762 - Fax)

Jerry DeFelice, Director of Development for Student Affairs/Athletics 677-3935 Email

Business Office (818-677-2661 - Fax)

Kimberly Siemen, Assistant Athletics Director/Business Affairs 677-6431 Email
LeeAnna Berkeland, Account Technician 677-2207 Email
Joyce Scanlin, Account Technician 677-4836 Email

Compliance Office (818-677-2661 - Fax)

Julie Sandoval, Director of Compliance 677-2693 Email

Equipment (818-677-4762 - Fax)

Isidore "Izzy" Gold, Equipment Manager 677-3236 Email

Events & Game Day Management (818-677-2661 - Fax)

Howard Garcia, Events Manager 677-2836 Email

Facilities (818-677-2661 - Fax)

Mark Adamiak, Facilities Manager 677-7423 Email

 Marketing & Promotions (818-677-4762 - Fax)

Erin G. Kiser, Assistant Athletics Director, Marketing & Promotions 677-2683 Email
Aaron Martin, Head Coach, Cheerleading Team 677-2683 Email
Sommer Bethel, Head Coach, Dance Team 677-2683 Email
Matador Band 677-2683  

 Media Relations (818-677-4762 - Fax)

Bob Vazquez, Assistant Athletics Director, Media Relations 677-2313 Email
Matt Monroe, Associate Media Relations Director, Media Relations 677-3247 Email
Geoff Herberg, Assistant Media Relations Director, Media Relations 677-3243 Email
Kevin Strauss, Assistant, Media Relations 677-3860 Email
Braden Villanueva, Art Director 677-6634 Email
Baseball Press Box 677-4292  
Basketball Press Box 677-4702  
Volleyball Press Box 677-4702  
Softball Press Box 677-2988  

 Sports Medicine (818-677-7516 ; 818-677-4410 - Fax)

Steve Grech, Director of Sports Medicine 677-3237 Email
Sarah Lyons, Assistant Athletic Trainer 677-7602 Email
Erick Buitrago, Assistant Athletic Trainer 677-6054 Email

Dunford Rodill, Assistant Athletic Trainer

677-5825 Email
Brittany Beckwith, Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer 677-6052 Email
Sonnie DaCosta, Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer 677-6052 Email
Jennifer Guiry, Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer 677-6052 Email
Amanda, Mlodzik, Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer 677-6052 Email
Steven Mosher-Stockinger, Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer 677-6052 Email
Dr. Rick Sletten, General Physician 677-3684  
Dr. Domenick Sisto, Orthopedic Surgeon 905-2222  

 Strength & Conditioning (818-677-4762 - Fax)

Daniel Kohn, Director of Strength & Conditioning 677-6359 Email
Jeff Crelling, Assistant, Strength & Conditioning 677-6359
Weight Room 677-6359  

 Baseball (818-677-2661 - Fax)

Matt Curtis, Head Coach 677-7055 Email
Shaun Larkin, Assistant Coach 677-6652 Email
TBA, Assistant Coach 677-3218 Email
Tom Hutchison, Director of Baseball Operations 677-6651 Email
Baseball Field 677-4293  

Men's Basketball (818-677-2661 - Fax)

Bobby Braswell, Head Coach 677-3231 Email
Bob Lowe, Assistant Coach 677-3994 Email
Danny Sprinkle, Assistant Coach 677-2682 Email
Jay Morris, Assistant Coach 677-7071 Email
Lior Schwartzberg, Director of Basketball Operations 677-6251 Email

 Women's Basketball (818-677-2661 - Fax)

Jason Flowers, Head Coach 677-7245 E-Mail
Mario Trutanic, Assistant Coach 677-4949 E-Mail
Lindsey Foster, Assistant Coach 677-6662 E-Mail
Christine Collins-Kiernan, Assistant Coach 677-5395 E-Mail

Men's Golf (818-677-2661- Fax)

Jim Bracken, Head Coach 677-3228 Email

Women's Golf Coach (818-677-2661 - Fax)

Bonnie Murphy, Head Coach 677-7006 Email

Men's Soccer (818-677-2661 - Fax)

Terry Davila, Head Coach 677-2379 Email
Yossi Raz, Associate Head Coach 677-2946 Email
Peter Bomar, Assistant Coach 677-3856 Email
Zach Feldman, Volunteer Coach    
Kyle Schmid, Director of Soccer Operations    

Women's Soccer (818-677-2661 - Fax)

Keith West, Head Coach 677-6252 Email
Juan Plascencia, Assistant Coach 677-4535 Email
Miguel Ruiz, Assistant Coach 677-3852 Email 

Softball (818-677-2661 - Fax)

Tairia Flowers, Head Coach 677-7259 Email
Caitlin Benyi, Assistant Coach 677-3230 Email 
Tia Meza, Assistant Coach 677-3854 Email
Natasha Watley, Volunteer Coach 677-7259 Email
Softball Field 677-3885  

Women's Tennis (818-677-2661 - Fax)

Gary Victor, Head Coach 677-4731 Email
James Ciuffo, Assistant Coach 677-2058 Email
Zbynek Mlynarik, Volunteer Coach    
Tennis Courts 677-3882/

Track & Field/Cross Country (818-677-2661 - Fax)

Avery Anderson, Head Coach 677-3608 Email
Bridget Anderson, Assistant Coach 677-3242 Email
Justin Johnson, Assistant Coach 677-7680 Email
Jason Schutz, Assistant Coach 677-3608 Email
Quincy Watts, Assistant Coach 677-6867 Email

 Men's Volleyball (818-677-2661 - Fax)

Jeff Campbell, Head Coach 677-4180 Email
Theo Edwards, Assistant Coach 677-4180 Email
Mike Arone, Assistant Coach 677-4180 Email

 Women's Volleyball (818-677-2661 - Fax)

Jeff Stork, Head Coach 677-4104 Email
Susie Terrusa, Assistant Coach 677-3221 Email
Alicia Robinson, Assistant Coach 677-7784 Email

 Women's Water Polo (818-677-4762 - Fax)

Marcelo Leonardi, Head Coach 677-4127 Email
Brianna Battles, Assistant Coach 677-4732 Email