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  Angelique Odom

Angelique Odom

Player Profile

Administrative Assistant


(818) 677-7245

Angelique Odom is entering her third year (2010-11) as Administrative Assistant at CSUN Athletics.

Odom, who is currently working on her Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology, spent nine years in the Marine Corps.

She is a mother of two children and has a grandson (Brent).

Odom has run in the Los Angeles Marathon twice.

She loves to travel and looks forward to going to lots of different places.

Angelique's Analysis
Favorite Food: Mexican
Least Favorite Food: Liver
Favorite Movie: Way to many to chose from
Favorite TV Show: Closer, CSI, Leverage, Saving Grace just to name a few
Enjoys Listening To The Music Of: Jazz/R&B/Rock
The Best Thing About Working At CSUN: The people I work with
What Actor Would Play The Lead If A Movie Was Made Of MY Life: Angela Bassett
Hobbies: Running, Working Out, Reading, Dancing
If I Had A Million Dollars, I would: Pay off all my student loans, travel and buy my mom a new car