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Cal State Northridge To Honor Matador Scholar-Athletes
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April 25, 2011

Northridge, Calif. - Sixty-one outstanding Cal State Northridge scholar-athletes will be honored for their success in the classroom on Monday afternoon (4/25/11) by University President Dr. Jolene Koester at CSUN's University House.

More than 100 family and friends, faculty, coaches and University and athletic department personnel will be on hand to extend their congratulations to the 61 scholar-athletes who have completed a minimum of one season of varsity competition and have a minimum 3.2 grade point average for the 2010 spring and 2010 fall semesters.

Created in the fall of 1982, the Varsity `N Academic Athletics Honor Roll reflects the commitment of the University to the academic integrity and success of intercollegiate athletics.

The 61 student-athletes represent more than 23 academic disciplines, and 15 athletic teams.

The Cal State Northridge Athletic Department has held this annual event since 1982 to honor the academic excellence of their scholar-athletes. Since its origin, 427 student-athletes have been honored for their outstanding achievements in the classroom.

The New Inductees (32)
Violet Alama - Women's Basketball (Sophomore, Kinesiology)
Kyle Attl - Baseball (Sophomore, Undeclared)
Tela Burnett - Women's Volleyball (Senior, Pre-Teacher Education)
Yvonne Castillo-Urbina - Women's Track & Field (Redshirt freshman, Kinesiology)
Arthur Chung - Men's Golf (Junior, Political Science)
Nicole Concialdi - Water Polo (Senior, Liberal Studies)
Todd Eskelin - Baseball (Redshirt Junior, Kinesiology)
Sonia Espitia - Women's Soccer (Senior, Family & Consumer Sciences)
Stephanie Galarze - Women's Soccer (Sophomore, Undeclared)
Miguel Galvez - Men's Cross Country/Track & Field (Senior, Kinesiology)
Arianna Gomez - Women's Track & Field (Redshirt freshman, Liberal Studies)
Britney Graff - Women's Volleyball (Sophomore, Kinesiology)
Siara Grayson - Women's Volleyball (Senior, Civil Engineering)
Clariss Guce - Women's Golf (Sophomore, Undeclared)
Hunter Hays - Men's Cross Country/Track & Field (Sophomore, Business)
Leah Janke - Water Polo (Sophomore, Undeclared)
Erin Kelly - Women's Soccer (Senior, Recreation & Tourism Management)
Ryma Korab - Women's Tennis (Sophomore, Business Administration)
Zitlalic Ley - Women's Cross Country/Track & Field (Senior, Political Science)
Tawaun Lucas - Men's Track & Field (Redshirt freshman, Psychology)
Jazmin Martinez - Women's Cross Country/Track & Field (Redshirt Freshman, English Literature/Teaching Education)
Chloe McDaniel - Women's Soccer (Redshirt Freshman, Kinesiology)
Monica McFarland - Women's Volleyball (Redshirt Sophomore, Public Health Education)
Lynda Morales - Women's Volleyball (Senior, Family & Consumer Sciences)
Alex Muren - Baseball (Redshirt Junior, Undeclared)
Katie Outzen - Water Polo (Junior, Liberal Studies)
Mia Pagano - Softball (Sophomore, Undeclared)
Heidi Pettinger - Water Polo (Junior, Liberal Studies)
Maria Pistalu - Women's Tennis (Sophomore, Business Administration)
Precious Watkins - Women's Track & Field (Senior, Health Education)
Tiana Webberley - Women's Track & Field (Sophomore, Nursing)
Karina Woehrstein - Women's Volleyball (Senior, Psychology)

Repeat Honorees (29)
Yuval Barak - Men's Soccer (Sophomore, Undeclared)
Jeff Baxter - Men's Volleyball (Sophomore, Marketing)
Bianca Davies - Women's Basketball (Redshirt Junior, Deaf Studies)
Nicholas Delio - Men's Golf (Senior, Criminology & Criminal Justice)
Justin DeMarco - Baseball (Senior, Undeclared)
Joseph Franco - Men's Soccer (Redshirt Sophomore, Kinesiology)
Mike Gaudino - Men's Volleyball (Senior, Recreation Tourism Management)
Jessica Goforth - Water Polo (Senior, Kinesiology)
Alyssa Goldie - Water Polo (Junior, Kinesiology)
Masis Hagobian - Men's Track & Field (Sophomore, Political Science)
Brittany Hamilton - Women's Track & Field (Junior, Health Education)
Haley Hawes - Women's Soccer (Sophomore, Kinesiology)
Rebecca Huffman - Women's Cross Country/Track & Field (Senior, Family & Consumer Science)
Kirra Kylander - Water Polo (Senior, Kinesiology)
Lauren Michaels - Women's Track & Field (Senior, Marine Biology)
Marissa Miller - Women's Soccer (Sophomore, Early Childhood Development)
Lilyana Morejon - Women's Track & Field (Senior, Urban Studies)
Ashlee Nagamine - Women's Golf (Senior, Liberal Studies)
Stephanie Norton - Women's Soccer (Sophomore, Kinesiology)
Juan Olea - Men's Cross Country/Track & Field (Senior, Electrical Engineering)
Julie Onishenko - Women's Tennis (Junior, Business/Real Estate)
Kendall Patten - Women's Golf (Junior, Family Consumer Studies)
Jasmine Pratt - Women's Soccer (Senior, Health Administration)
TS Reed - Baseball (Senior, Undeclared)
Kelley Ross - Women's Soccer (Senior, Undeclared)
Shelese Ruffin - Women's Track & Field (Senior, Undeclared)
Britteny Salvador - Women's Track & Field (Sophomore, Broadcast Journalism)
Jillian Stapf - Women's Water Polo (Senior, Kinesiology & Exercise Science)
Analee Vena-Lota - Women's Basketball (Senior, Undeclared)

Academic Award Winners by Teams Baseball (5)
Kyle Attl (Sophomore, Undeclared)
Justin DeMarco (Senior, Undeclared)
Todd Eskelin (Redshirt Junior, Kinesiology)
Alex Muren (Redshirt Junior, Undeclared)
TS Reed (Senior, Undeclared)

Women's Basketball (3)
Violet Alama (Sophomore, Kinesiology)
Bianca Davies (Redshirt Junior, Deaf Studies)
Analee Viena-Lota (Senior, Undeclared)

Men's Cross Country/Track & Field (5)
Miguel Galvez (Senior, Kinesiology)
Hunter Hays (Sophomore, Business)
Tawaun Lucas (Redshirt Freshman, Psychology)
Masis Hagobian (Sophomore, Political Science)
Juan Olea (Senior, Electrical Engineering)

Women's Cross Country/Track & Field (12)
Yvonne Castillo-Urbina (Redshirt Freshman, Kinesiology)
Ariana Gomez (Redshirt Freshman, Liberal Studies)
Brittany Hamilton (Junior, Health Education)
Rebecca Huffman (Senior, Family & Consumer Sciences)
Zitlalic Ley (Senior, Political Science)
Jazmin Martinez (Redshirt Freshman, English Literature/Teaching Education)
Lauren Michaels (Senior, Marine Biology)
Lillyana Morejon (Senior, Urban Studies)
Shelese Ruffin (Senior, Undeclared)
Britteny Salvador (Sophomore, Broadcast Journalism)
Precious Watkins (Senior, Health Education)
Tiana Webberley (Sophomore, Nursing)

Men's Golf (2)
Arthur Chung (Junior, Political Science)
Nicholas Delio (Senior, Criminology & Criminal Justice)

Women's Golf (3)
Clariss Guce (Sophomore, Undeclared)
Ashlee Nagamine (Senior, Liberal Studies)
Kendall Patten (Junior, Family Consumer Sciences)

Men's Soccer (2)
Yuval Barak (Sophomore, Undeclared)
Joseph Franco (Redshirt Sophomore, Kinesiology)

Women's Soccer (9)
Sonia Espitia (Senior, Family & Consumer Sciences)
Stephanie Galarze (Sophomore, Undeclared)
Hayley Hawes (Sophomore, Kinesiology)
Erin Kelly (Senior, Recreation & Tourism Management)
Chloe McDaniel (Redshirt Freshman, Kinesiology)
Marisa Miller (Sophomore, Early Childhood Development)
Stephanie Norton (Sophomore, Kinesiology)
Jasmine Pratt (Senior, Health Administration)
Kelley Ross (Senior, Undeclared)

Softball (1)
Mia Pagano (Sophomore, Undeclared)

Women's Tennis (3)
Ryma Korab (Sophomore, Business Administration)
Julie Onishenko (Junior, Business/Real Estate)
Maria Pistalu (Sophomore, Business Administration)

Men's Volleyball (2)
Jeff Baxter (Sophomore, Marketing)
Mike Gaudino (Senior, Recreation Tourism Management)

Women's Volleyball (6)
Tela Burnett (Senior, Pre-Teacher Education)
Britney Graff (Sophomore, Kinesiology)
Siara Grayson (Senior, Civil Engineering)
Monica McFarland (Redshirt Sophomore, Public Health Education)
Lynda Morales (Senior, Family & Consumer Sciences)
Karina Woehrstein (Senior. Psychology)

Water Polo (8)
Nicole Concialdi (Senior, Liberal Studies)
Jessica Goforth (Senior, Kinesiology)
Alyssa Goldie (Junior, Kinesiology)
Kirra Kylander (Senior, Kinesiology)
Leah Janke (Sophomore, Undeclared)
Katie Outzen (Junior, Liberal Studies)
Heidi Pettinger (Junior, Liberal Studies)
Jillian Stapf (Senior, Kinesiology & Exercise Science major)

Nick Delio will be one of 61 scholar-athletes to be honored by CSUN President Dr. Jolene Koester.

Nick Delio will be one of 61 scholar-athletes to be honored by CSUN President Dr. Jolene Koester.