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March 3, 2008

Northridge athletics is proud to announce a new partnership with to provide you with the best in online radio streaming. is now equipped to supply concurrent broadcasts with the latest software, making several technical issues and incompatibility things of the past.

In order to enjoy Northridge broadcasts on, please download WinAmp, as your default media player may not be compatible with the broadcast. Following the short install process once will allow you to access all future broadcasts.

Follow this link to download WinAmp.

After you've downloaded WinAmp, you're free to access all of the broadcasts.

Click Here to Listen Live to Northridge Men's Volleyball

Click Here to Listen Live to Northridge Baseball

Troubleshooting Tips:

You must use WinAmp as your player. (We're broadcasting a ".pls" file.) The "buffer size" can be adjusted to reduce buffering. Control-P will display Preferences. Then select Plug-ins/Input; and select "Nullsoft MPEG audio decoder" plug-in. Click on Configure. Select "Streaming" tab, and increase the Streaming Buffer sliders. Click OK; click Close.

OTHER PROBLEMS? It may take a few moments for everything to open and for the broadcast to begin playing on your system. If there is an error, don't give up, even if you see a message like "server not available." You are in the right place but at the wrong time, OR we're having temporary problems on our end. Wait a bit and log in again! Keep trying - we're trying on our end, too!

Please remember that the broadcasting connection is subject to on-site challenges, like power outages, spikes and disconnects that are outside my control. It's a live event, and challenges do occasionally present themselves! Thank you for your patience.